29-Nov-2021 04:57:36 ET
Initiate Invitation Request


To form the ballot group through "Initiate Invitation Request," a 4-step invitation creation process. The ballot group will ultimately be responsible for reviewing the draft document or standard, and for voting/submitting comments on the document.


When you have completed the 4-step invitation creation process, myProject will have automatically created the invitation text. You will send this text to your IEEE staff liaison for review and, if okay, your IEEE staff liaison will email it to the recipients who signed up for specific "Activity Areas" (sorts of individuals who expressed interest in the subject matter of the invitation). You will have selected those "Activity Areas" in Step 2 of the invitation creation process. Upon receipt of the completed invitation request, your staff liaison will need approximately 2-3 business days to process it.


  • Ensure that your IEEE Membership status is current -- if not, you will receive an error code when attempting to initiate an invitation.

  • Expedite Pre-Ballot Editorial Review: A pre-ballot review allows Editorial Staff to examine your draft document to ensure the format and style are correct. This is required for each document.

    Complete this web form now, prior to initiating your invitation, to request an Editorial Staff review of your document.

  • Obtain Copy of PAR (Project Authorization Request): It is recommended that you have a copy of your PAR on hand while completing all steps of Initiate Invitation Request. This is to ensure that any data entered into the invitation request (such as project style and type) is consistent with that of the PAR. For your convenience, a copy of the PAR is available at the

    PAR Approvals/History site.

  • Create Sponsor Free-form Text: Both boilerplate invitation text and a field for the Sponsor to enter free-form text will be provided during Step 4 of the Initiate Invitation Request. Entering free-form text is optional -- this field is provided in the event that the Sponsor wants to convey special circumstances (not covered in the boilerplate invitation text). If the Sponsor plans to include free-form text, that text should be prepared now, prior to commencing Step 1 of the Initiate Invitation Request.

    Step 1 of 4: Enter Project, Style, Type, and Length of Invitation

  • Project: Using the drop-down list, choose the project or standard. If your project does not appear on the drop-down list, contact your IEEE SA Staff Liaison. (Note: ballot designees will be able to access this screen, but a drop down menu of projects and standards will be available only if they have been assigned specific projects by the sponsor chair).

  • Style: Choose your ballot style ("individual" is the only ballot style available at this time). You can always check your PAR to confirm ballot style -- the designation, "individual" will be checked on all individual PARs.

  • Type: Choose your ballot type (new, revision, reballot, reaffirmation, withdrawal or stabilized). This information is stated on your PAR. Choose NEW for amendments/corrigenda/conformance. Also, if you choose "reaffirmation," you will need to enter the year of the last published standard.

  • Length of Your Invitation: Choose the length (in calendar days) of your invitation. Typically, invitations are 30 days, however this will depend on your project schedule. The minimum length for an invitation is 15 days. Remember: the invitation will begin after it is reviewed and approved by your IEEE SA Staff Liaison. Approval usually takes 2-3 business days. If there are any problems that will delay the start of your invitation, your liaison will contact you directly.

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