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Initiate Invitation Request 2

Help Topic: Submit Invitation (Step 2/4)

Step 2 of 4: Choose your Activity Area(s) and Invite Participants

You can designate recipients of your ballot invitations in two ways: by inviting "Activity Areas"; or by inviting participants or reflectors; or both. When the invitation is created, on step 2 open the tree and deselect the checkboxes next to the sponsor and working group. Then on step 4 you can verify the invitation recipients - only the project should show in the invitation pools value. By selecting the (X recipients) link next to the invitation pools columns, you can view who will receive the invitation.

The staff liaison can also edit this field if the invitation was already submitted for review by selecting the "edit" button when reviewing the invitation.

Inviting Activity Area(s)

An "Activity Area" is an Sponsoring Committee, Working Group or Project that provides a mechanism for individuals interested in its activities to sign up for it. Sponsors can, through myProject, send notifications (such as invitations to ballot) to those activity areas that the Sponsor believes would have a keen interest in the subject matter of the notification. Recipients can then take appropriate, timely action.

As a ballot Sponsor, you can invite activity areas to join your ballot group, as follows:

  • Review the list of IEEE Societies presented on the screen and click the (+) next to any of interest to you to drill down to their "activity areas": sponsoring committees, working groups and projects.

  • As you drill down, click (select) the box next to the activity area(s) that you believe would have an interest in your ballot. (Note: if you select a project only as the Activity Area for your invitation, myBallot will automatically include the associated working group and sponsoring committee in the sort).

Inviting Individual Participants or Reflectors

In addition to or instead of inviting Activity Areas, you can invite individual participants by entering email addresses (separated by a space or comma) or reflectors in the "Additional Invitations" box.

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