29-Nov-2021 04:36:08 ET
Initiate Invitation Request 3

Help Topic: Submit Invitation (Step 3/4)

Step 3 of 4: Choose the Ballot Group Voter Classifications

Voter classifications are used to ensure your final ballot group is balanced.

  • The classifications designated for this ballot are shown with their definitions. Review these classifications and definitions and make any revisions you believe are necessary through the "edit" or "delete" links under the "Actions" column.

  • If you do not see a classification on the list, you may add your own through the "Add New Voter Classification" link. You will have to provide a definition along with the classification. New classifications will be reviewed by the staff liaison for accuracy and usability.

Remember: you must have at least 3 voter classifications.

When complete, go to Initiate Invitation Request 4 Help