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Indic Virtual Keyboards Working Group (1908.1)

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Prof. Devendra Jalihal election as the Chair of the WG, succeeding Arjuna Rao Chavala is approved by COMSOC/SDB in their meeting dated Mar 21,2014. (Update dated 24-Mar-2014)

This working group is formed following the approval for PAR P1908.1 titled Virtual keyboard standard for Indic languages by IEEE Standards Association Standards Body on 8 Dec 2011.

Hindi Alphabetic From Top Keyboard

Draft Hindi Virtual Keyboards

Hindi Alphabetic From Top Keyboard

Hindi Alphabetic from Second row

Hindi Alphabetic From Top Keyboard

Hindi Alphabetic from Second row


This standard defines virtual keyboards for Indic language computing, primarily for use on mobile phones and tablets with touch interface. The target languages are the Government of India's official languages and their scripts, as recognized by the Government and Unicode. This standard includes definition for virtual keyboard configurations with a limited set of keys (12), and also for larger set of keys (more than 12). The standard includes prototype reference implementation of device driver and software.

Background Info:

The work carried out by the Study group towards the development of the PAR and formation of Working Group is available at Study group wiki home page.

Participants at informal meeting in Bangalore (Mar 2012)

Becoming a working Group Member

This working group uses individual participation mode for standard development. Any one interested in this working group needs to have an IEEE web account. IEEE members can use their member web accounts to participate. Non members can also create a free web account to participate in the working groups or for purchases and subscriptions from IEEE. If you are new to this site, click on Login (Top Right Corner) from this page and then click on Need an IEEE Web Account or forgot user name and password link. Alternatively go to the IEEE Web Account Page and then create your free web account by clicking on Create an IEEE Web account button. Once you have a web account, please do the following to sign up for working group in myProject.

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  6. Please alert the WG chair about your interest and background work if any related to the topic.

Status of enrollment of Applicants to WG

Number of enrollments: Crossed 170 as on 6 Feb 2012 07:00PM IST

23 July 2012: Voting members:29 Non voting members:27

26 Mar 2013: Voting Members:13 Non voting members:6(officers excluded)

Important update

Following the Fifth WG meeting, the WG Roster has been updated and access to WG has been removed for voting members who failed to attend the last two meetings despite alerts and access to mailing list for non voting members who failed to attend both the last meetings. All such people have been put into interested category, which means that they will not have access to Wiki or mailing list.

If any such members are interested in future, they can request for non voting member status, which will be considered in due course.

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