29-Nov-2021 03:32:40 ET
Voter Response Detail


To provide staff with a view and selected access to the entire set of fields completed by the voter during a sponsor ballot.


Staff came to this screen by clicking "Manage Sponsor Ballot Activity" on the myBallot home page, scrolling down to a ballot group member and clicking the numeral under the "Comments" column for that individual. The following fields are displayed:

  • Comment #

    This reflects the unique number given to that specific comment line.

  • Name

    This field identifies the person who made the comment or placed the vote.

  • Style

    Identifies the style of the comment: individual, coordination, or rogue.

  • Index #

    Identifies the number of comments submitted by this specific voter.

  • Classification

    Identifies the interest category of the commenter (e.g., consultant, academic, user).

  • Vote

    Identifies the vote submitted by the balloter. If the field is blank, this means the person has not yet submitted a vote.

  • Category

    Identifies if the comment is technical, editorial or general in nature.

  • Page, Subclause, Line #

    These fields further identify the reference location of the comment.

  • Comment

    This is the text entered by the voter that provides information about the document. Comments by voters should be addressed by the Working Group.

  • File

    This field will show a file name if the voter entered one. The voter would enter a file which references or relates to a specific comment.

  • Must be Satisfied

    This field was entered by the voter. A "YES" in this field identifies this specific comment as important and must be satisfied before the voter considers changing their vote from a disapprove to an approve. A "NO" in this field means that the comment does not have to be satisfied to effect the change in the balloter's vote.

  • Proposed Change

    This is the voter's suggested change which relates to the comment submitted.

  • Resolution Status

    This field is filled in by the Sponsor/Ballot Designee (but not the Alternate Designee -- the Alternate Designee has "read-only" access) when comment resolution process is in progress. The resolution status identifies the acceptance or rejection of the comment.

  • Resolution Detail

    This field is filled in by the Sponsor/Ballot Designee when the comment resolution is in progress. The field allows for additional comments from the Sponsor or Designee so the voter can understand the acceptance or rejection of the comment submitted.

    Actions: Delete. This field is for staff to delete a balloter comment at any time during the comment resolution period, upon request of the balloter. Note that staff cannot delete coordination comments at this time.