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View Invitation Summary

Help Topic: View Invitation Summary


For the Sponsor/Designee to view the invitations in process and to follow the progress of ballot group formation.


The information presented on this screen is limited to your invitation activity only. This means it shows all of your current invitations in one of following four stages defined below: "Incomplete," Pre-invite," "Invitation," or "Preballot." (After Preballot stage, your ballot will move to "Ballot" stage where it opens for draft review, voting and comments by the ballot group -- to view those projects, and projects in succeeding stages, click the "Manage Sponsor Ballot Activity" link found on your myBallot home page.)

Column Definitions: To revise the information displayed in any of the columns, contact your IEEE-SA Staff Liaison.


    This column provides the sponsoring society/committee/working group acronym. To sort alphabetically, click the column header.

    PAR or Standard#:

This is the Project Authorization Request (PAR) or Standard number,which identifies the project or standard to be balloted.

    (Note: entries preceded by a "P" are PARs -- all others are Standards).

Draft #--<Filename>

    If there is a draft available for this invitation, there will be a draft # and name of the draft visible in this column. By clicking on the file name link, you will open the actual draft that will be used for balloting. (Note: drafts must be uploaded prior to ballot opening).


    This is the PAR or Standard title for the document to be balloted.

    Stage: (Note: Only stages for invitation activity are shown).

    Incomplete: Sponsor, Designee, and Staff will see this stage for Invitation requests that have not been completed by the submitter (Sponsor or Designee). The Sponsor or Designee should complete the invitation by clicking "edit" iunder the "Actions" column on the Invitation Summary screen.

    PreInvite: Sponsor. Designee, and Staff will see this stage for Invitation requests that have not yet been approved by the IEEE-SA Staff Liaison. The IEEE-SA Staff Liaison will need to review and approve the invitation request to move it to the next stage, which is the (open) Invitation stage.

    Invitation: This stage is when the invitation period is open and the ballot group is being formed. Enrollment in the ballot group is accessible only to IEEE-SA members or those who have paid a per-ballot fee.

    PreBallot: During this stage, the invitation period is closed but the ballot has not yet opened. It will remain in this stage until the Sponsor/Designee opens the ballot in the "Initiate Sponsor Ballot" screen on the myBallot home page.

Ballot Designee

    As the sponsor, you have the option to delegate the management of the balloting to a designee, and to assign limited support to alternate ballot designees. To assign designees and alternate ballot designees, click the "Manage Committes" link on the myProject home page. Scroll down to the project of interest to you (because ballot designees and alternate ballot designees can be assigned per project only, scroll over to the right of the screen and click "Manage" under the "Actions" column. Click "Manage Officer Roster" and follow the on-screen instructions to assign Ballot Designees and Alternate Ballot Designees. Click "OK" when complete. Note: if Ballot Designees and Alternate Ballot Designees have already been assigned, these fields will already be populated, but you can change them through the "Manage Officer Roster" link.

Invitation Start

    This column shows the date that the IEEE-SA Staff Liaison sent the invitation to the Activity Areas and/or individual emails entered during the invitation creation process. (Although sponsors and/or ballot designees create the invitation, it is IEEE-SA Staff Liaison who actually send it out). If no date appears in this column, the IEEE-SA Staff Liaison did not send the invitation.

Invitation Close

    This is the actual invitation close date. This means that on this date at 11:59pm Eastern Time, the ballot group will close to any additional members. At the close date/time, nobody will be able to join the ballot group unless you (reopen) the invitation period.


    This column reflects the number of email addresses [from the IEEE Standards Activity area(s) and/or list(s)] to whom that the system has (or will) send invitations.

Response Count

    This column represents the number of individuals currently in your ballot group. You can click on the number to view the Invitation Details. The Ballot Invitation Detail screen provides the sponsor/designee detailed information about the (not yet complete) ballot group.


    of the ballot group (no classification category can be over 49.9%) is required. If you would like a user to move his/her classification

      category, send an email request to the user by clicking the user's email address link on this page.

    Actions: Edit, Delete, Extend

      The Edit, Delete and Extend links are found under the "Actions" column.

      Edit: Accessible to the Sponsor/Ballot Designee during the "Incomplete" stage. By clicking this link, access to all screens of the invitation creation process is provided for editing purposes. When all edits are complete and the invitation is submitted, the invitation moves automatically to the "PreInvite" stage where the EEE-SA Staff Liaison will review, approve and send the invitation to the recipients (selected Activity Areas and/or email addresses).

      Delete: Accessible to the Sponsor/Ballot Designee and IEEE-SA Staff Laison during the "Incomplete" and "PreInvite" stages. This link is for the purpose of deleting the entire invitation. Upon clicking the "delete" link, a confirmation screen is provided.

      Extend: Accessible to the Sponsor/Ballot Designee during the "PreBallot" stage only (that is when the invitation is closed but the ballot has not yet opened). This link is used for invitations that did not receive an acceptable level of response. Upon clicking "Extend" and following the on-screen instructions, a new invitation date is selected and ballot invitations are again sent to the recipients of the original invitation mail (giving them another opportunity to sign up).

      - The "Extend" link cannot be used to send invitations to selected individuals -- it is used only to send invitations to the original invitation recipients. To invite individuals outside of the original invitation recipients, send emails to them outside of myBallot, asking them to sign up.