29-Nov-2021 04:04:59 ET
Organization Users


For the Entity Member Representative (EMR), who is the IEEE Standards single administrative point of contact for the entity, to view the users who have affiliated with that entity through the "Entity Project Enrollment" screen. The "Entity Project Enrollment" screen is accessed through the Entity home page.


The EMR has come to this screen by clicking "Manage (Company/Entity)" on the Entity home page, and then clicking the "Organization Users" link. (Note: if the "Organization Users" link does not display, click "Entity Projects" for the former to display -- this is a toggle link). The "Organization Users" screen is then displayed.

This screen includes:

  • The IEEE Web Account username for each individual who affiliated with an active entity project within the authority of the EMR.

  • The "Projects of Interest" with which the user affiliated.

  • The Roles, if any, that the user has assumed in any of the projects with which he/she affiliated. The notation for the role is composed of segments separated by a slash: the abbreviation for the Society/the abbreviation for the committee/the ballot or working group role.

Note: Should the EMR wish to assign/replace an Entity Ballot Representative (EBR) or Entity Ballot Representative Alternate (EBRA); and/or Designated Representative (DR) or Designated Representative Alternate (DRA), the EMR first must obtain the following for the system to accept the user: the IEEE Web Account username of the user; and whether the user has affiliated with the project. This screen provides that information.