29-Nov-2021 04:07:36 ET
Manage Ballot Roles


For the Entity Member Representative (EMR), the IEEE-SA administrative point of contact for the entity, to assign/modify the Entity Ballot Representative (EBR) and Entity Ballot Representative Alternate (EBRA) affiliating with that entity, and who have enrolled in an Entity Ballot Group. The EMR can assign/modify the representatives at any time during the ballot process.

The EMR can also modify the Classification Category for the entity through this screen. The EMR can do this only before the ballot opens.


The EMR has come to this screen by clicking "Manage (Company/Entity)" on the Entity home page, and then clicking the "Entity Projects" link. The active entity projects are displayed, with the names of any individuals who assumed the roles of EBR and EBRA.

  • To view an EBR or EBRA, the EMR will click "Manage Ballot" under the "Actions" column. The "Entity Ballot" screen will display, showing that ballot's stage, invitation and ballot open and close dates, and the representative's name, role and details. (Note: to view and/or download any comments submitted to date, the EMR will click the "Ballot Comments" link on this screen).

  • To delete an EBR or EBRA, the EMR will click the "Manage Ballot Roles" link on the "Entity Ballot" screen, and delete any usernames shown -- for EBR, EBRA, or both.

  • To enter a new EBR or EBRA, the EMR must first obtain the IEEE Web Account username of the new representatives. IEEE Web Account usernames are shown in a column on the "Organization Users" screen. The "Organization Users" screen is accessed by clicking the "Entity Projects" link (this is a toggle mechanism). The EMR will enter the IEEE Web Account username into the appropriate field in the "Manage Ballot Roles" screen.