29-Nov-2021 04:00:29 ET
Maintain Approved Voter Classification List


For staff use in maintaining the default voter classification (interest) category and definition list -- adding/deleting/revising a classification on this list will affect NEW ballots only. Existing ballots will utilize the classification list that was chosen when the invitation was initiated.


    To Add a Classification to the Default List

  • Click "Add New Voter Classification."

  • Enter the classification and the definition -- a definition must be supplied.

  • Click the "OK" button. The new classification will be added to the default value list.

    To Delete a Classification from the Default List

    • Click the "delete" function next to the classification you wish to remove.

    • Click OK. The classification that you deleted will no longer be available as a choice for ballot invitations.

      Sponsor/Ballot Designee Use of This List

      The Sponsor/Ballot Designee:

      • can review this list upon submitting a ballot invitation;

      • can override the list and enter new classifications with corresponding definition or deselect existing classifications on the list. This table represents the most commonly used classifications.