29-Nov-2021 03:54:27 ET
Initiate Sponsor Ballot


To provide the Sponsor/Ballot Designee a mechanism to start the Sponsor Ballot. This includes uploading the final draft for ballot (with the exception of reaffirmation and stabilized standards, which were uploaded and approved during the invitation process), and sending the email announcement to the ballot group.


  1. Ensure that your IEEE Membership status is current -- if not, you will receive an error code when attempting to initiate a ballot.

  2. Ensure that your invitation is in the "pre-ballot" stage, which you can check on the "View Invitation Summary" screen accessed through a link on the myBallot home page.

  3. Choose your Project Authorization Request (PAR) or Standard through the drop down menu. Click OK.

  4. You wil be taken to a screen summarizing the key variables of your ballot (ballot style, ballot type, etc.), and containing your ballot announcement for your review.

  5. You must ensure that your ballot group is "balanced" as shown on the screen. If there is a screen message that the group is not balanced, click the "review" link next to ballot group, and follow the insructions in the screen's help page to balance your group. Click the link on the bottom of the screen to return to the "Initiate Sponsor Ballot Group" screen.

  6. Once balanced, click OK on the bottom of the "Initiate Sponsor Ballot Group" screen. For all ballots except reaffirmation and stabilized ballots, the "initiate ballot request" will be forwarded by the system to the assigned IEEE Standards Staff Liaison for review and release of the ballot announcement email to the ballot group. For reaffirmation and stabilized ballots, the ballot announcement email will be sent directly to the ballot group (without any IEEE Standards Staff Liaison review), upon clicking "OK" on the bottom of the screen.