29-Nov-2021 04:09:41 ET
Entity Projects


For the Entity Member Representative (EMR), who is the IEEE Standards single administrative point of contact for the entity, to view the complete listing of active entity projects, and to view/modify the roles, in any, of individuals who have affiliated with entities in the authority of that EMR.


The EMR has come to this screen by clicking "Manage (Company/Entity)" on the Entity home page, and then clicking the "Entity Projects" link. (Note: if the "Entity Projects" link does not display, click "Organization Users" for the former to display -- this is a toggle link). The entity projects are displayed, with the names of any individuals who assumed the roles of Entity Ballot Representative (EBR) and Entity Ballot Representative Alternate (EBRA); as well as individuls who assumed the roles of Designated Representative (DR) and Designated Representative Alternate (DRA), shown under the "Roles" column.

"Manage Ballot"

The EMR can assign/modify the EBR and EBRA affiliating with that entity, who have enrolled in an Entity Ballot Group. The EMR can assign/modify the representatives at any time during the ballot process. The EMR can also modify the classification category of the entity at any time up until the ballot opens.

The EBR and EBRA are the representatives who will review the balloted draft, vote (one vote per entity, with the entity ballot representative preferred) and submit comments during the ballot stage of the standards development process. Individuals who affiliate with both Advanced and Basic corporate members are offered the opportunity self-assign EBR and EBRA roles, as appropriate, during the "Entity Project Enrollment" process. The "Entity Project Enrollment" link is available on the Entity home page.

"Manage WG Roles"

The EMR can assign/modify the DR and DRA affiliating with this entity. Only individuals affiliating with Advanced corporate members are offered the role of DR/DRA. The purpose of the DR and DRA is to represent the entity in the working group -- activities and functions will vary among working groups in line with the policies and procedures of the working group. Self-assignment of these roles are offered through "Entity Project Enrollment" link on the Entity home page.