29-Nov-2021 03:55:47 ET
Entity Project Enrollment


For Users to enroll in entity project working groups in order to receive notifications of working group activity, including sponsor balloting.


Users arrive at this screen by clicking the "Entity Project Enrollment" link on their myProject home page. To enroll in an entity project, do the following:

  • Use the search or scroll down the screen to review the entity projects via the working group and/or project and/or name columns.

  • Select entity projects of interest by clicking the box associated with that entity under the "Join/Remove Interest Area" column (or deselect by re-clicking the box).

  • For each Interest Area checked, go to the "Affiliation" column and key in your affiliation with that interest area. Your affiliation may or may not be your employer. It may be that "Consultant" or some other affiliation is the correct one for you for a given interest area. [NOTE: If you want to join an entity ballot, you MUST select an affiliation marked as (Entity Member). Revew the "Affiliation Selections Marked (Entity Member)" below].

  • Note that as you key in your affiliation selection, a drop down menu will display for your convenience.

  • Click "OK" on the bottom of the screen when done for the system to accept your selections.

  • You will then be taken to a Confirmation screen ("Are You Sure") to click "OK" (or "Cancel") to confirm your selections.

Affiliation Selections Marked (Entity Member)

If you select an affiliation marked (Entity Member), it means that the affiliation you selected is either a Basic Corporate Member, or an Advanced Corporate Member. While Basic or Advanced corporate membership will enable you to join entity ballot groups, only Advanced Corporate Members will provide you with an option to hold the position of Designated Representative (DR), Designated Representative Alternate (DRA), or go on the "wait list" for these positions. The DR and DRA are roles which enable you to represent the entity in the working group, i.e., the DR/DRA is the entity point of contact for the working group chair. Advanced Corporate Members are entitled to vote and hold leadership positions in working groups, in keeping with the policies and procedures of the working group.

How do I know if my Affiliation is a Basic Corporate Member, or Advanced Corporate Member?

If you select an affiliation marked (Entity Member) and are then taken to a screen which gives you the option to become a DR, DRA, or go on a wait list for those positions [because there is only one (1) DR and one (1) DRA position per working group], this would mean that the affiliation you selected is an Advanced Corporate Member. Conversely, if you are not taken to the DR/DRA screen, the affiliation you selected was a Basic Corporate Member.