29-Nov-2021 04:50:14 ET
Entity Ballot


For the Entity Member Representative (EMR), who is the IEEE Standards single administrative point of contact for the entity, to view/modify essential parameters of the entity ballots within his/her authority, including entity invitation and ballot open and close dates; current ballot stage; classification category; and the entity ballot representative and alternate names, roles, votes and comments.


The EMR has come to this screen by clicking "Manage (Company/Entity)" on the Entity home page, and then clicking the "Entity Projects" link. (Note: If the "Entity Projects" link is not visible, click "Organization Users" as this is a toggle link).

To view/modify the features of entity ballot, the EMR will:

  • Search/scroll down the "Entity Projects" screen to locate his/her Project number, and then click the "manage ballot" link under the "Actions" column.

  • The "Entity Ballot" screen will display. All entity ballot features and parameters are shown.

"Manage Ballot Roles"

This link provides the EMR with access to modify the EBR/EBRA; and to modify the classification category (before the ballot opens). To modify the EBR/EBRA, the EMR will:

  • Obtain the IEEE Web Account usernames for the individual(s) to be entered as new EBR/EBRA. Locate the IEEE Web Account username by returning to the Entity Project Screen, and clicking the link for "Organization Users."

  • Ensure that the individual you wish to enter as a new EBR/EBRA has affiliated him/herself with that the entity in your authority for the system to accept the individual -- the affiliations for all individuals can be found under "Projects of Interest" on the "Organization Users" screen.

    Use the search to find the individual; his/her username is displayed in the 2nd column. Enter that username in the EBR/EBRA field in the "Manage Ballot" screen. Click "OK" when done.

Ballot Comments

  • Comments received to date may be viewed and/or downloaded through the "Ballot Comments" link on the "Entity Ballot" screen.