29-Nov-2021 04:33:08 ET
Boilerplate Variables


To provide a mechanism for staff to view/revise boilerplate variables as needed. These will be replaced with dynamic values related to the current ballot boilerplate. These revisions will be reflected in the boilerplate text.


To view/revise boilerplate text, staff is to click the Manage Boilerplate Text link on the myBallot home page.

<BALLOT CLOSE DATE> Ballot closing date

<BALLOT OPEN DATE> Ballot initiation date

<BALLOT TYPE> Ballot type

<COMMITTEE NAME> Sponsoring committee name

<DESIGNEE EMAIL> Designee email

<DESIGNEE NAME> Designee name

<DESIGNEE PHONE> Designee phone

<INVITATION CLOSE DATE> Ballot invitation close date

<PROJECT NUMBER> PAR/Standard Number

<PURPOSE> Ballot document purpose

<RECIRCULATION NUMBER> Ballot recirculation count

<SCOPE> Ballot document scope

<SOCIETY NAME> Sponsoring society name

<SPONSOR CHAIR EMAIL> Sponsor chair email

<SPONSOR CHAIR NAME> Sponsor chair name

<SPONSOR CHAIR PHONE> Sponsor chair phone

<TITLE> Ballot title

<SPONSOR MESSAGE TO BALLOT GROUP> Text provided by the ballot sponsor for the ballot group.

<SPONSOR MESSAGE TO ACTIVITY AREA (formerly "INVITATION POOL")> Text provided by the ballot sponsor for the invitation pool.