29-Nov-2021 03:17:16 ET
Add Committee

To add a committee to an existing society, you will first need to choose the Parent Organization/Society from the drop-down list. If the organization does not appear on that list, you can add the parent organization by clicking on the "Add Parent Organization" button.

This screen will ask you for a Name and acronym. Enter that information here and click OK.

Once you hit OK, the system will automatically return you to the Society/Committee screen where you can continue to enter the committee information.

- Choose the Parent Organization (Society) from the drop-down list.
- Enter the Name of the committee.
- Enter the acronym (this will be visible on the invitation pool screen).
- Enter the committee's website if one exists.
- If the invitation pool is restricted (not open to the public), check the restricted box.

When all fields are filled in, click OK.

You can now see the new society and committee on the Register Sponsor screen. You can also see the new society and committee on the Invitation Pool Membership screen.