15-Apr-2024 02:18:25 ET


  • Votes can be changed at any time during the poll period.

  • Comments are only visible by the commenter and group officers.

  • Comments are not required and the ability to comment is not dependant on the type of vote, but you must vote first in order to make comments.

  • You may submit multiple comments on a single poll.

  • The comment fields available are determined by the poll creator.


  1. Confirm your affiliation (this field will be pre-filled with your affiliation selection in myProject TM ).

  2. Select your vote and click " OK ". You will receive a message telling you that you may now make comments.

  3. You can submit comments immediately after voting and at any time during the poll period. Click " Add comment ".

  4. Fill out any fields that are available to you for the particular poll and click " OK " to submit your comment. Fields other than "comment" will only show up if an admin/officer selects them when creating the poll.

  5. Your comments will appear under your vote.