30-May-2024 02:46:05 ET
New ePoll

Fill out the fields to create your poll and click "OK".

  • ePoll Name - Enter a unique name for your poll, this cannot be the same as another poll either open or closed.

  • Question - The question that will be answered by the approve/disapprove vote. Place all instructions for the specific poll in this box.

  • Document - Upload a file if the poll is related to a specific document. You can only upload one file. If multiple files are required, create a .zip file first.

  • End Date - Specify the date you would like the poll to close (use mm/dd/yyyy format e.g. 01/01/2012) or leave this box empty for an open-ended poll. All polls start when they are created, you cannot delay the start of a poll.

  • Participants (Working Groups only)- All IC group involvement levels will have voting access to ePolls. Place a check in the box next to the involvement level of participants you would like to have access to the poll. For Working Groups, these involvement levels can be managed through myProject™. Users who have not been given an involvement level are classified as “interested” and will not have access to ePolls.

  • Comment Format - Select the level of structure you would like to be available for comments depending on what your poll is being used for.

  • Additional Invitations - You can send email notifications about this poll by placing email addresses in this box. This is only a notification; users will not be able to access the poll unless they have already joined your group and been given the appropriate membership status in myProject(TM).