19-Jun-2024 12:00:18 ET

Once you have been granted access to the document area, depending on your access rights you can click on:

  • "Documents" to provide you with a list of all documents that are available for download.

  • "Download" a document.

  • "Upload" a document

  • "Revise" a document

  • "Correct" a document

  • "Delete" a document

Clicking on "New Document" allows you to upload a new document.
For a group with public documents, they are asked to join when the select the "New document" link on the document page. For groups with private documents, then they are asked to join when they try to view the documents.

Pending Documents

When the status of a document is "pending" that menas a user began the upload but has not yet completed the action.

Public versus Private Documents

For a document which was uploaded and if the public checkbox was deselected making it private, then a public version can be added by adding a new revision of the document and leaving the public checkbox selected.