15-Jul-2024 16:21:30 ET
IEEE PC37.243 Guide for the Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital Communications

Welcome to the IEEE Power and Energy, Power Systems Relay PC37.243 working group document repository website. The purpose of this site is to help facilitate development of the PC37.243 standard by serving as a communication vehicle for the PC37.243 working group, as well as, related task force groups and their associated subgroups.

If you are a member of the working group, please verify that you have signed up for the PC37.243 working group listing in myProject. Verification can be made by accessing the Manage Activity Profile link found on the myProject home screen.


  1. Please access the myProject system (

  2. Once you have accessed the myProject Home screen, click on Manage Activity Profile

  3. Once there, please click the (+) sign to expand the IEEE Power and Energy Committees listing

  4. Once the screen refreshes, click the (+) sign to expand the Power System Relay Committee listing

  5. Lastly, place a check mark in the working group listing for C37.243 Working Group and hit continue

  6. The Working Group Chair will then need to authorize you as a member of the working group before you can view the private documents.