14-Aug-2022 11:00:08 ET
How to signup for the P19051 Working Group Listing in myProject?

If you are a member of the working group, please verify that you have signed up for the P1905.1 working group listing in myProject. Verification can be made by accessing the Manage Activity Profile link found on the myProject home screen.


  1. Login to myProject at

  2. Once you have accessed the myProject Home screen, click on Manage Activity Profile

  3. Once there, please click the (+) sign to expand the IEEE Communications Society Committees listing

  4. Once the screen refreshes, click the (+) sign to expand the Power Line Communications listing

  5. Lastly, place a check mark in the working group listing for Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technology and hit continue.

  6. The working group chair will then need to authorize you as a member of the working group before you can view private documents.